Paul Shader is a great man of God. He and his lovely wife Melissa teach our 3 yr. old through 1st grade Sunday school class.  Paul and Melissa have a servant’s heart and serve in several ministries. They are blessed with four wonderful girls in their family.
Shorty Greene is a wonderfully dedicated man of God. He oversees our C.A.R.E. meal and ministry on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. He is also Leader of the Church Brotherhood. His lovely wife Judy is in our Finance Ministry, serves as WMU Assistant Leader, Sunday School Teacher and is also a dedicated volunteer in our Nursery. 
Jimmy Zimmerman loves the Lord and has a warrior’s heart. He serves in several ministries along with his beautiful wife Beth. He and Beth are faithful youth leaders.  They are the founders and faithful Leaders of the church’s van ministry.  
Bruce Wayne Murray is a wonderful man of God. He loves the Lord and Sharpsburg Church with all his heart. He and his beautiful wife Brenda  have been in the church for many years serving the Lord. They are dedicated to God, to each other, their parents, our congregation, and the community of Sharpsburg.
Stanley Hawley is a dedicated man of God.  Stanley’s lovely wife, Valerie is the church’s treasurer as well as a Sunday School and Children’s Church Teacher. They are dedicated Leaders of the Younger Youth Ministry of Sharpsburg Church.
Nick Gaston is a wonderful man of God who has a servant’s heart. He and his lovely wife Kim serve in several ministries and are dedicated to the youth as well as the adults in our church family. Nick is always willing to fill in where needed whether it be for the Pastor or Youth Pastor in teaching or preaching.  He also does many service projects around the church and is our Audio/Video Director.  Kim is the church Sunday School Director.